Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Weekend at the Beach

Happy Memorial Day first off everyone!!! Our family and some friends all decided to go to the beach Sunday for Memorial Day and me being the mamarazzi I am, took my camera. I also took some pictures of the kiddos and their daddy at the beach... you know us mamarazzi's we're like the paparazzi... we take the pictures, and stay out of them LOL. So here's a FEW pictures that I took of our trip to the beach yesterday. If you would like to see the rest... just check out my Facebook, there is tons on there.

First up is Cameron. I seriously thought we'd have some issues with him and the lake seeing as its so big and well... you all know Cameron and how he is. But.... he did awesome... he even tried swimming by himself (which is why his hair is wet in this picture). He did awesome! I can't wait to take him out to the beach again!
And then we have Kaydence. She wasn't so sure about the water at first. Cameron actually got into the lake before she did... and she screamed bloody murder with waterwings on as well as a tube... I don't know what her deal was yesterday. She wasn't fond of the water wings at all... so she didn't wear them.Kaydence decided it was much more fun to kick back and relax on daddy while floating on the lake.. and from the look on dads face, he didn't mind.Whats a trip to the beach without some watermelon? Again shocked by Cameron. I seriously thought he'd hate the watermelon due to the texture.... nope... he proved me wrong... he LOVED his watermelon. I believe he ate 3 or4 slices. LOL.Here's Cameron enjoying his watermelon all by himself thinking he's top dog for eatting it like a big boy. I was so proud of him.And here is miss Diva again.... Miss Kaydence herself in her daddys sunglasses. She thought she was cool being able to wear them, especially since they were daddys.Whats a trip to the beach on Memorial Day without playing some frisbee? Here's Kevin tossing the frisbee around with Mario (not pictured), Ashleighs boyfriend (also not pictured).Kaydence's whole deal for wanting to go to the beach was to make a sandcastle. So her and daddy got together on the beach and decided to try and make one.

Thanks for checking out my blog for today, and I hope you liked the pictures.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

5 Years Ago Today...

I got together with my now fiance Kevin. We hooked up over the internet on yahoo.. and we had our ups and downs before we got together. One of us was always taken at the time... Just bad timing all around. Then I just happened to be coming off a break up with my boyfriend when his so called "girlfriend" who always seemed to stand him up and not show when he went to see her, stood him up for the last time. He was so pissed and I being the good friend I was the 3 years I knew him before we got together was there for him to talk to. We talked all hours of the night on the 11th and then on teh 12th he asked me out and I of course said yes (otherwise we wouldn't be here today now would we?). We've had our ups and downs like any couple (some more worse than others) but we always pull through it. I finally got to see him again June 6th when his mom and him came up to get some stuff from their old house up here, and well they snagged me up to, and we've been pretty much inseperable since (aside from when I go to see my mom, or we argue and i go to my moms to get away from him, which usually only lasts a couple weeks).

We've had our ups and downs, but I think it has only made us stronger... Every fight we've had (all non abusive) have brought us closer together and helped us work on things we needed to work out. I am happy with where I am today... I could change a few small things... but hey... there's a lifetime to change those things right? LOL.

Happy 5 year anniversary baby!!

Us Now...

(ok not recent recent... but like a year ago)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Temper Tantrum Throwing Toddler

See that handsome little boy over there to the left? That cute little bundle of boy.. yes boy...not joy... BOY... decided he wanted to get up at 10 and scream and cry all morning. I put him in bed at 1 and he sat in there (didn't sleep) and watched tv and cried still off and on til about 230. So then I get him out... and he decides he wants to keep on with his tantrum. He wanted me to pick him up so I did... to which he smirks at me and headbutts me in the chin. Talk about OUCH!! So then he wiggles to get down, so I go to put him down and he throws a bigger fit. I don't get it... I can't get him to settle down for the life of me, Although I just put him down for bed AGAIN, and I haven't heard a peep, so MAYBE he fell asleep. *praying*

It Begins...

Kaydence has finally decided she wants to go on the potty (about time right?). She woke up this morning telling her daddy she had to go potty and her daddy was too busy to help her because he was on the phone. We have a cordless phone so I don't know why he couldn't help her... but anyways... She proceeds to go back to the bathroom. She then takes her own diaper off and sits on her potty seat and pees all by herself. She then screams "DADDY I PEE'D!" So Kevin goes back and she actually pee'd in her potty. So she got some ice cream, and not even 20 minutes later she decided to pee again! She's gone on the potty at least 5 times already today... just pee... but hey its a start!!!