Wednesday, May 12, 2010

5 Years Ago Today...

I got together with my now fiance Kevin. We hooked up over the internet on yahoo.. and we had our ups and downs before we got together. One of us was always taken at the time... Just bad timing all around. Then I just happened to be coming off a break up with my boyfriend when his so called "girlfriend" who always seemed to stand him up and not show when he went to see her, stood him up for the last time. He was so pissed and I being the good friend I was the 3 years I knew him before we got together was there for him to talk to. We talked all hours of the night on the 11th and then on teh 12th he asked me out and I of course said yes (otherwise we wouldn't be here today now would we?). We've had our ups and downs like any couple (some more worse than others) but we always pull through it. I finally got to see him again June 6th when his mom and him came up to get some stuff from their old house up here, and well they snagged me up to, and we've been pretty much inseperable since (aside from when I go to see my mom, or we argue and i go to my moms to get away from him, which usually only lasts a couple weeks).

We've had our ups and downs, but I think it has only made us stronger... Every fight we've had (all non abusive) have brought us closer together and helped us work on things we needed to work out. I am happy with where I am today... I could change a few small things... but hey... there's a lifetime to change those things right? LOL.

Happy 5 year anniversary baby!!

Us Now...

(ok not recent recent... but like a year ago)

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