Monday, May 10, 2010

Temper Tantrum Throwing Toddler

See that handsome little boy over there to the left? That cute little bundle of boy.. yes boy...not joy... BOY... decided he wanted to get up at 10 and scream and cry all morning. I put him in bed at 1 and he sat in there (didn't sleep) and watched tv and cried still off and on til about 230. So then I get him out... and he decides he wants to keep on with his tantrum. He wanted me to pick him up so I did... to which he smirks at me and headbutts me in the chin. Talk about OUCH!! So then he wiggles to get down, so I go to put him down and he throws a bigger fit. I don't get it... I can't get him to settle down for the life of me, Although I just put him down for bed AGAIN, and I haven't heard a peep, so MAYBE he fell asleep. *praying*

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