Monday, January 10, 2011

No Speech

Well, we were supposed to have speech therapy today for Cameron, but we didn't have the gas to make it. I really hate missing his therapies, but it was out of my hands. Today hasn't been too bad. Cameron woke up and told me what he wanted today which was a shock. We were walking through the diningroom and I had bananas on the table. He stopped in his tracks and tried to get them himself. I said "What are you doing Cameron Noah?" and he looks at me and continued on to get the bananas. I then asked "what are those Cameron" to which he replied..'ananas'. I smiled, grabbed the banana's and then peeled one for him to eat. He smiled, took the banana and walked off. He is now counting to 3, but not all the time, its more of a 1..2...1...2....3...1..2..1..2.

He's getting there though. I haven't posted pictures of the kids in a while, so I figured i'd post some in this post.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Missed a Day

Well, I missed yesterday sorry. Yesterday was a little hectic. My mother called me Thursday to tell me my Aunt had passed away. So yesterday morning I packed up some clothes for me and the kids to go stay the night with my mom to go to her memorial today. The memorial was beautiful, and it was great to see family, even tho the circumstances weren't great. Cameron got stimmy of course with the head banging and screaming and so I had to give him a half of his sleeping pill to kind of wind him down to get him where he wasn't screaming at the memorial. We got home about 6ish tonight and as soon as I walked into the house, he seen his dad and had instant smile on his face. Him and his dad horsed around while I had made goulash for dinner with Kaydence. She is my little chef, or so she says. She always comes around.. "momma, you be da big chef and i'll be da widdle chef". She's such a cheeser I swear. Nothing much missed. Tomorrow is a lazy day, aside from the cleaning. I have speech therapy for Cameron Monday, playgroup on Tuesday with him, and then 2 therapies for Cameron on Wednesday.. we are going to see Miss Brenda (his other therapist he sees and plays one on one with) at the Bailey Building and then Miss Brenda and his Occupational Therapist, Miss Caroline, are coming here for us to brainstorm about what we can do for Cameron to stop his headbanging. Its gotten so bad he is bruising his forehead every time he hits it. Yes I do try n stop it, but he just moves and keeps doing it. I'll be keeping this updated for sure, so keep a look out.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Groceries and Lead Tests and Me oh My!

Today was not too exciting. We all got up and went and cashed Kevin's check, paid a couple bills, and then headed on our way to Ithica. In Ithica, we had to go to WIC to get the kids fingers re-pricked since their pediatrician decided to do that instead of an IV draw if it was a fluke. We get there, one of the girls at the desk was a total B. Luckily she wasn't the lady helping us. Kaydence went first... she didn't even shed a tear or anything. She received 2 tinkerbell stickers. And then... it was Camerons turn. We were getting ready for Cameron and another nurse came in who was there with us the last time we were there (dec 17). She said she'd stay in there and help since she knew how Cameron would be and Kevin was occupied holding Kaydence. Of course, as soon as it was Cams turn he started to flip out. We finally got his finger prick done and over and he received a Lightning McQueen sticker. We then left and took off to McDonald's to get some lunch while we headed to Mt. Pleasant to do some grocery shopping. Grocery shopping wasn't too bad.. for the first 10 minutes... then well... Cameron got stimmy with all the people and such there so I had to carry his 32lb butt through the store LOL. We then came home, went to Grammy Sherry's and had lasagna for dinner. Now we are home and I'm getting him in bed and I'm are getting in the shower.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy New Year!

So we brought the new year in with family over at my mother in laws house. Cameron had done better then expected. Kaydence is also doing GREAT on her potty training with going on 6 days now of no pottying in her pants. The kids had a doctors appointment today due to getting a paper in the mail from the WIC office saying they may have lead poisoning. They said Cams levels were 10 and Kays were a 6.4. So we went to the docs today at 1045 to get a venous draw to confirm it was lead poisoning or just a fluke. We get there, and their pediatrician decided to send them back to WIC/health department tomorrow for another finger prick test before we try the venous one to see if it was a fluke before we traumatized Cameron (who which by the way the doctor is convinced has autism.) for a fluke. So we are doing another finger prick test tomorrow. We also got a refill on his chlonodine to help him sleep since he was out. Here's to hoping that its a fluke and not really lead poisoning.

Lets Play Catch-Up

So, I just realised that I haven't updated or wrote since May 2010 and its now January 2011. So lets play catch up...

May 2010-
We got Cameron into Early Intervention and he started Speech Therapy, Playgroup, and Behavior Therapy. They had me fill out a Sensory Profile thing, and they determined that he had SPD. For those who don't know what that is, its Sensory Processing Disorder. Instead of me trying to explain it (which im horrible at) you can go to

June 2010-
Nothing quite new happened, just the same as above (the therapies and such).

July 2010-
We went and seen the fireworks in Bay City on July 3rd and took the kids to the carnival there. There was a gun/knife fight there (we were NOT a part of that.) but it was taken care of. The fireworks started going off that night and Cameron wasn't having it. He didn't like the loudness of them. Cameron did get to go on a carousel ride, and Kaydence went on her very first ferris wheel ride with her daddy. We repeated the fireworks thing on the 4th, and just like the day before, Cameron did NOT like it. He was more happy with the ground fountains, and the fireworks that didn't make the loud bangs.

August 2010-
Nothing much happened this month, aside from the therapies that my son is going through. The only difference is before the therapy was at home, and now they are moved over to the school for him. He wouldn't participate much at home due to distractions, so we moved him over to the school.

September 2010-
Cameron has started his therapy at the school. His speech therapy is coming along, but not making huge progress, but still, making progress. He is now listening to his name, and responding at times (ie: looking at you, walking to you, ect.).

October 2010-
Halloween time. Kaydence dressed up as a pretty princess and Cameron dressed up as a Lightning McQueen pitcrew member. It came with a hat which he refused to wear but he still looked adorable. Halloween was a little over stimulating for him seeing as there were so many new faces as well as all the older kids with the scary halloween costumes.

November 2010-
November 4th- Cameron woke up with a fever. We nursed it with tylenol and motrin. Him and I took a nap about 11am and I woke up about 3 to him jerking a little. I figured he was getting up from our nap and sat up to sit him up. Unfortunately it wasn't him trying to get up, it was him going into a febrile seizure. I knew nothing about them and freaked calling his grandma who in turn called 911 for me due to phone issues. within 10 minutes from when the seizure started my house was swarmed with EMTs, his grandma and her friend (who took my daughter for us), a police officer, and a gurney (sp) in our yard. He was unresponsive for a good 5-7 minutes after his seizure. They then took us via ambulance to the local hospital (about 10 minutes from my house). We took his temp in the ambulance and it was 103.7. Within the 10 minute ride and getting moved into our ER room, his fever spiked to 105.9 (they checked it as soon as we got into the ER). They then continued to try and administer an IV to get fluids started which entailed me, his dad, and 3 nurses holding him down. It took 4 times to get a line for blood before they capped it for his fluids. We ended up staying in the hospital from the 4th (thursday) til saturday afternoon. They kept him the 4th for seizure watch, and then the 5th due to him not wanting to eat or show interest in eatting.
November 11- We had a follow up with his doctor from his seizure and stay in the hospital. His doctor was also concerned with him possibly having autism. This didn't shock me, since his therapists were beginning to think he had a form of it as well. He then started Cameron on chlonodine to help him relax at night to sleep and referred us to mental health to get an evaluation done (for the autism.)
November 17- We went in for a prescreen before the actual eval day. It took us about 30 minutes and they just wanted some family history ect.
November 18th- Cameron turned 2 years old. Of course, me being the doofus I am, I got teary eyed most the day and repeated over and over how I couldn't believe he was 2 already.
November 20th- Cameron had his birthday party. He had lots of presents, and got to see his grandma Mary and his Uncle Daniel and Aunt Monica and Uncle Cory. We had cake and ice cream which he refused to eat. He melted down a bit, but we made it through.
November 25 and 27- we did thanksgiving dinner. 25th at my mother in laws house and then my mothers house on the 27th. We had stayed the night there so we could visit, and took Kaydence to the movie Tangled on the 28th.
November 29- Eval Day. We take Cameron in there on the 29th at 8am to start his eval. this was a total waste of time. They ended up telling me later in December that he was not old enough to be diagnosed.

December 2010-
No sicknesses really this month, everything was pretty lax. The kids had a WIC appt. on the 17th and had to get their fingers pricked for a lead check and iron check. Cameron HATED that. We did Christmas on the 25th with his Grandma Sherry and then did Christmas with Grammy Mary on the 27th. We get home the 29th and I have a letter in the mail stating my children may have lead poisoning. Cameron's number was 10, and Kaydence's number was 6.4.

And now.... for January 2011...

Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Weekend at the Beach

Happy Memorial Day first off everyone!!! Our family and some friends all decided to go to the beach Sunday for Memorial Day and me being the mamarazzi I am, took my camera. I also took some pictures of the kiddos and their daddy at the beach... you know us mamarazzi's we're like the paparazzi... we take the pictures, and stay out of them LOL. So here's a FEW pictures that I took of our trip to the beach yesterday. If you would like to see the rest... just check out my Facebook, there is tons on there.

First up is Cameron. I seriously thought we'd have some issues with him and the lake seeing as its so big and well... you all know Cameron and how he is. But.... he did awesome... he even tried swimming by himself (which is why his hair is wet in this picture). He did awesome! I can't wait to take him out to the beach again!
And then we have Kaydence. She wasn't so sure about the water at first. Cameron actually got into the lake before she did... and she screamed bloody murder with waterwings on as well as a tube... I don't know what her deal was yesterday. She wasn't fond of the water wings at all... so she didn't wear them.Kaydence decided it was much more fun to kick back and relax on daddy while floating on the lake.. and from the look on dads face, he didn't mind.Whats a trip to the beach without some watermelon? Again shocked by Cameron. I seriously thought he'd hate the watermelon due to the texture.... nope... he proved me wrong... he LOVED his watermelon. I believe he ate 3 or4 slices. LOL.Here's Cameron enjoying his watermelon all by himself thinking he's top dog for eatting it like a big boy. I was so proud of him.And here is miss Diva again.... Miss Kaydence herself in her daddys sunglasses. She thought she was cool being able to wear them, especially since they were daddys.Whats a trip to the beach on Memorial Day without playing some frisbee? Here's Kevin tossing the frisbee around with Mario (not pictured), Ashleighs boyfriend (also not pictured).Kaydence's whole deal for wanting to go to the beach was to make a sandcastle. So her and daddy got together on the beach and decided to try and make one.

Thanks for checking out my blog for today, and I hope you liked the pictures.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

5 Years Ago Today...

I got together with my now fiance Kevin. We hooked up over the internet on yahoo.. and we had our ups and downs before we got together. One of us was always taken at the time... Just bad timing all around. Then I just happened to be coming off a break up with my boyfriend when his so called "girlfriend" who always seemed to stand him up and not show when he went to see her, stood him up for the last time. He was so pissed and I being the good friend I was the 3 years I knew him before we got together was there for him to talk to. We talked all hours of the night on the 11th and then on teh 12th he asked me out and I of course said yes (otherwise we wouldn't be here today now would we?). We've had our ups and downs like any couple (some more worse than others) but we always pull through it. I finally got to see him again June 6th when his mom and him came up to get some stuff from their old house up here, and well they snagged me up to, and we've been pretty much inseperable since (aside from when I go to see my mom, or we argue and i go to my moms to get away from him, which usually only lasts a couple weeks).

We've had our ups and downs, but I think it has only made us stronger... Every fight we've had (all non abusive) have brought us closer together and helped us work on things we needed to work out. I am happy with where I am today... I could change a few small things... but hey... there's a lifetime to change those things right? LOL.

Happy 5 year anniversary baby!!

Us Now...

(ok not recent recent... but like a year ago)