Thursday, January 6, 2011

Groceries and Lead Tests and Me oh My!

Today was not too exciting. We all got up and went and cashed Kevin's check, paid a couple bills, and then headed on our way to Ithica. In Ithica, we had to go to WIC to get the kids fingers re-pricked since their pediatrician decided to do that instead of an IV draw if it was a fluke. We get there, one of the girls at the desk was a total B. Luckily she wasn't the lady helping us. Kaydence went first... she didn't even shed a tear or anything. She received 2 tinkerbell stickers. And then... it was Camerons turn. We were getting ready for Cameron and another nurse came in who was there with us the last time we were there (dec 17). She said she'd stay in there and help since she knew how Cameron would be and Kevin was occupied holding Kaydence. Of course, as soon as it was Cams turn he started to flip out. We finally got his finger prick done and over and he received a Lightning McQueen sticker. We then left and took off to McDonald's to get some lunch while we headed to Mt. Pleasant to do some grocery shopping. Grocery shopping wasn't too bad.. for the first 10 minutes... then well... Cameron got stimmy with all the people and such there so I had to carry his 32lb butt through the store LOL. We then came home, went to Grammy Sherry's and had lasagna for dinner. Now we are home and I'm getting him in bed and I'm are getting in the shower.

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