Monday, January 10, 2011

No Speech

Well, we were supposed to have speech therapy today for Cameron, but we didn't have the gas to make it. I really hate missing his therapies, but it was out of my hands. Today hasn't been too bad. Cameron woke up and told me what he wanted today which was a shock. We were walking through the diningroom and I had bananas on the table. He stopped in his tracks and tried to get them himself. I said "What are you doing Cameron Noah?" and he looks at me and continued on to get the bananas. I then asked "what are those Cameron" to which he replied..'ananas'. I smiled, grabbed the banana's and then peeled one for him to eat. He smiled, took the banana and walked off. He is now counting to 3, but not all the time, its more of a 1..2...1...2....3...1..2..1..2.

He's getting there though. I haven't posted pictures of the kids in a while, so I figured i'd post some in this post.

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  1. awww. cute! my son always says nana's.

    but dont feel son was supposed to start OT this month but because of my husbands salary cut and having like no gas either i had to tell her he cant start till next month. i feel bad but its out of my hands too. :(