Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy New Year!

So we brought the new year in with family over at my mother in laws house. Cameron had done better then expected. Kaydence is also doing GREAT on her potty training with going on 6 days now of no pottying in her pants. The kids had a doctors appointment today due to getting a paper in the mail from the WIC office saying they may have lead poisoning. They said Cams levels were 10 and Kays were a 6.4. So we went to the docs today at 1045 to get a venous draw to confirm it was lead poisoning or just a fluke. We get there, and their pediatrician decided to send them back to WIC/health department tomorrow for another finger prick test before we try the venous one to see if it was a fluke before we traumatized Cameron (who which by the way the doctor is convinced has autism.) for a fluke. So we are doing another finger prick test tomorrow. We also got a refill on his chlonodine to help him sleep since he was out. Here's to hoping that its a fluke and not really lead poisoning.

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