Saturday, January 8, 2011

Missed a Day

Well, I missed yesterday sorry. Yesterday was a little hectic. My mother called me Thursday to tell me my Aunt had passed away. So yesterday morning I packed up some clothes for me and the kids to go stay the night with my mom to go to her memorial today. The memorial was beautiful, and it was great to see family, even tho the circumstances weren't great. Cameron got stimmy of course with the head banging and screaming and so I had to give him a half of his sleeping pill to kind of wind him down to get him where he wasn't screaming at the memorial. We got home about 6ish tonight and as soon as I walked into the house, he seen his dad and had instant smile on his face. Him and his dad horsed around while I had made goulash for dinner with Kaydence. She is my little chef, or so she says. She always comes around.. "momma, you be da big chef and i'll be da widdle chef". She's such a cheeser I swear. Nothing much missed. Tomorrow is a lazy day, aside from the cleaning. I have speech therapy for Cameron Monday, playgroup on Tuesday with him, and then 2 therapies for Cameron on Wednesday.. we are going to see Miss Brenda (his other therapist he sees and plays one on one with) at the Bailey Building and then Miss Brenda and his Occupational Therapist, Miss Caroline, are coming here for us to brainstorm about what we can do for Cameron to stop his headbanging. Its gotten so bad he is bruising his forehead every time he hits it. Yes I do try n stop it, but he just moves and keeps doing it. I'll be keeping this updated for sure, so keep a look out.

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